Bronze Statues

My statues are inspired by the natural surroundings of the Southdowns. Years of wanderings on the downs and working for the forestry commission lent itself to many hours of listening to the trees, leaves rustling, branches creaking seeming to me like whispered conversations.

The first statues were mixed media, large scale. I wanted them to be part of the surrounding landscape, as if they had grown in place. They are nestled in a location that the buyer would prefer remain private.

My latest sculptures have changed, smaller scale, with added branches, gilded with iridescent medium to give a lovely greenish sheen to the surface. Each unique.
My vision was to one day have them made into bronze.

The statues are now in the safe keeping of a wonderful foundry in Somerset. Moulds have been made, they are now cast in wax and ready to be created in bronze. Each statue is unique, signed and numbered.

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About Tiana

I am a freelance artist offering bespoke and commissioned artwork. I facilitate creative workshops and therapeutic art sessions for individuals and groups. I plan sensory and inspiring opportunities for my clients to explore their creativity and improve their well being.