Life and Career

Tiana is an artist, art teacher and spiritual mentor with nearly 20 years of successful teaching experience.  Tiana works with students who have emotional, behavioural and social difficulties. Her open and person-focused approach has led to long term beneficial working relationships and outcomes regarded as outstanding in Ofsted inspections.

Tiana believes the secret lies in her ability to create a comfortable, sensory and inspiring environment.  Her skill is in encouraging creative expression in whatever direction, and in whatever way, the participant prefers.

Tiana provides one to one therapeutic art sessions and hosts group workshops for all ages.

As a Reiki master and Reiki master teacher, Tiana draws on a wealth of inspiration and experience to aid unhindered expression for her clients.

It is through Reiki practice, Tiana channels the energies, healing, and visions she expresses in her own art work. It also informs and enriches her teaching and mentoring work.

With no expectation of outcome, these sessions, one-to-one or groups, offer attendees a creative opportunity to express themselves with the following benefits:

  • Relaxation and Recovery

  • Behaviour Management

  • Confidence Boosting

  • Spiritual Healing

Tiana is accredited by the international Reiki Organization and is a member of the British Association of Art Therapists. Tiana Arts Ltd is fully insured and Tiana holds a valid DBS certificate and Full UK driving licence.

“I have been on a journey that, so far, has lasted 35years.  It has been a convoluted voyage of spiritual and personal discovery both joyful and challenging.  But I found the

I discovered ways of journeying in meditation and working with the light body which opened heart and mind.  It was during this period of discovery; I literally woke up in the middle of the night and had to paint!”

My Approach

I am a freelance therapeutic artist offering creative workshops and therapeutic art sessions for individuals and groups. I plan sensory and inspiring opportunities for my clients to explore their creativity and improve their well-being.  I also offer bespoke and commissioned artwork.

I have a passion for re-purposing and using found materials, teaching on a small school budget has given me the gift of having almost a sixth sense for finding art materials! I make a concerted effort to use eco-friendly materials, products and packaging, as well as supporting other local businesses when sourcing products and services.

Therapeutic art, for me, is a marvellous opportunity to provide a comfortable, and inspiring sensory space in which to allow creative expression in the purest sense. I have held space for many workshop and creative spaces, working alongside and learning so much from all the lovely people I have met.

Working with special needs children I fully understand the importance of safeguarding vulnerable children and adults. I have trained in behaviour management and first aid. I pride myself in my ability to relate and develop trusting relationships with my clients with their well-being the focus of my efforts.

My place of peace and inspiration is the beach. I have a family of merfolk; scuba divers, surfers and grandchildren who feel at one with the sea just as I do. I have deep gratitude for having the good fortune to live so close to the coast and build eco-awareness into the work I offer.




I love all that you do.

Alex Reyez Ortis , Mexico

About Tiana

I am a freelance artist offering bespoke and commissioned artwork. I facilitate creative workshops and therapeutic art sessions for individuals and groups. I plan sensory and inspiring opportunities for my clients to explore their creativity and improve their well being.