Events and Retreats

Some years ago, I was gifted two boxes of treasure by a dear friend who had passed away. The boxes were a collection of beads, buttons, brooches, shells, broken earrings and all kinds of several slightly dusty treasures she had collected over the years.

I wondered how I could honour such gifts and do them justice. I decided upon a workshop at the Lorelei woman’s festival in Holland. I was offered a beautiful tent in which I placed the boxes, together with fabric, paints and sewing bits and bobs.

I explained to the group how I had come by the boxes and wanting to honour the lady who had passed.  I am sure each participant set about honouring someone they had loved and lost.  I got out of their way.

There were bottoms in the air as the group delved into the boxes. I heard squeals of delight when the right treasure was discovered. Everyone had a such wonderful and liberating time.  The joy and commotion drew in others and of course they were welcome.

I have held space for many workshop and creative spaces since then.
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Therapeutic Art For Children

Therapeutic art, for me, is a marvellous opportunity to provide a, comfortable, sensory and inspiring space in which to allow creative expression in its purest sense. Whether in a classroom, workshop or one to one setting I have found that providing a rich and calm environment is conducive to creativity.

With a creative outlet children can explore and express themselves as individuals. I encourage children to get involved in any capacity they can and I really enjoy getting to know their individual personalities. Art can provide a great outlet for those who may find it hard to express themselves. Whether it is face painting, designing a t-shirt for their favourite band or decorating cakes, I like to find an approach that works for each individual.

Using different art mediums I offer a rich sensory approach to art.

Creative Workshops

I like to re-purpose materials where I can. In my creative workshops my groups take inspiration from nature. In the past my attendees have used foraged materials to create imaginative artwork in the form of jewellery, collage and decorations.

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Doodle Clubs

I hold regular doodle sessions, currently with young people who just need a little space and time out of their day, sometimes as an offering of a space to vent, often space to ease anxiety. They might be seen as therapeutic, as much for staff as pupils.

Wine and Doodle parties have proved to be enormous fun both as friendly gatherings at local pubs and clubs as well as for staff training and corporate events.


Hello!! It truly was amazing to be reunited with you Tiana. Thank you for all your advice and for believing in me. I always felt like you have somehow since you gave me my beautiful painting all those years ago! You really have been my inspiration and i am so thankful as it has helped to give me some direction in my life. I aspire to inspire someone in the same way one day.


Everybody is loving your painting .

Ness Boch, Spain

About Tiana

I am a freelance artist offering bespoke and commissioned artwork. I facilitate creative workshops and therapeutic art sessions for individuals and groups. I plan sensory and inspiring opportunities for my clients to explore their creativity and improve their well being.